Sa - 21.Januar 2017

Welcome to our website

Gekko is a wholesale and retail collective. We mainly deal with liquid refreshments, selected coffees and certain equipment required for the catering trade and private parties. Our focus is on selling beverages to both end consumers and commercial customers.

We have a cash & carry store and deliver to all locations within Berlin that are accessible to our vehicle: whether to restaurants, shared offices, retailers, corporate events, private parties or public events.

Our mission is to not only to drop fences between producers, distributors and customers and to unite them in a co-operative in order to trade, but also to act together. By acting, we not only mean to question how goods are distributed but also to directly influence production, sales and how they are consumed:

How do manufacturers produce their goods?
Who produces and under which conditions?
Where do they produce and who receives how much money?
What degree of participation do employees have within the business?
Where do profits flow, who owns the means of production?

We try to find alternative answers to these questions. Even though this ongoing work in progress does not make things always easier we feel happy with a lot of new, alternative solutions developed by Gekko.

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